The collegiate entities emphasize “the sustainability criteria” with which the project has been developed.
In addition, the aforementioned associations announced that they are organizing, together with the company EMC, a conference on mining and industry, which will be held soon.

Tapia de Casariego, December 2, 2021 – The Spanish company Exploraciones Mineras del Cantábrico (EMC), whose Salave gold mining project is subject to environmental assessment, was visited this morning by the Official Associations of Mining Engineers and Technical Mining Engineers, and the Official Association of Geologists of Asturias in the area where the Salave Project is being implemented. After the visit, the collegiate entities have highlighted “the sustainability criteria” with which the project has been developed.

This meeting also served to announce that a technical conference on mining and industry is being organized, in collaboration with EMC, which will take place at the Oviedo School of Mining, Energy and Materials Engineering.

Conference on mining and industry

The aim of this conference on mining and industry is to highlight the role of the sector in local socioeconomic development, as well as to inform society about the technological advances that allow the implementation of environmentally friendly projects. “Mining is our profession; a respectable and historical economic activity, which has been able to adapt to the demands of today’s world, using technological innovation to ensure respect for the environment, among other issues” says the general manager of EMC, José Manuel Domínguez.

To this end, they will count on the participation of top-level experts, both national and international, who will share knowledge and success stories of projects in different developed countries and who will also reflect on the need to safeguard an essential economic activity. “It is essential for society to be aware that mining is a necessary activity for our current way of life, since everything that surrounds us comes from a mine,” the different entities point out.

Thus, the professionals of the sector in Asturias, besides starting to prepare the organization of the conferences, have been able to learn even more about the Salave Project, which means a socio-economic boost for the area, generating between 150 and 200 direct jobs and more than 1,000 indirect jobs, and an initial investment of more than 100 million euros in the region of Tapia and in the western part of Asturias. “We propose a new and unique project, respectful, innovative and generating local wealth and quality jobs”, adds José Manuel Domínguez.