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Who we are

Exploraciones Mineras del Cantábrico (EMC) is a Spanish company, backed by national and foreign investment that has been involved in mining activities for more than 30 years, devoting its energies towards the research, exploration and development of Spanish mining assets of public interest.

EMC’s activities have historically been focused on finding potential orebodies and its approach to commercialising them but in recent years significant capital investment has been committed to define the mineralisation of the Salave gold deposit near Tapia de Casariego (Asturias). This gives EMC the opportunity to consider all scenarios to find the most feasible method for extracting the gold. Furthermore, much of the investment has also been focused on meeting the regulations and requirements of stakeholders and all the corresponding social and environmental demands.

EMC has a multidisciplinary team, made up of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who are working to meet these objectives and to develop a project which is optimal, sustainable and beneficial to all stakeholders involved.


Giving value to the mineral resources

EMC aims to add value to the mineral resources found within Salave and the local area, through identification, definition and extraction. Therefore, contributing to the socio-economic development of the environment and its surroundings. During development, consideration for the environment and the local regulations is paramount, whilst creating economic value for the communities, employees and shareholders.


Develop and research

EMC aims to develop and research the areas in which it has mining rights, particularly in the Salave area and its surroundings. EMC aims to focus on implementing and progressing the Salave gold deposit. The top priority is, and will be, the management of the environmental, regulatory, and social requirements for the community, employees and maximising shareholder value.

The management of mineral resources

EMC strives to become the benchmark for the management of mineral resources through its use of and sustainable development of the most advanced technologies available. EMC hopes to be identified as a company that contributes to the value and development of the community.



EMC ensures that it maintains responsibility for the environment and the community. Thus forming additional, not alternative, support for its local development.


EMC is committed to following through its plans that have been prepared with the local and municipal authorities. Furthermore, EMC is committed to engaging with stakeholders throughout the mine planning process at Salave. EMC strives to be part of the community, not only in the field of mining, but also with many other economic and social initiatives.


EMC will participate actively in the initiatives that involve and contribute to the community in which they operate and support the stakeholders. (social, economic, environmental, etc.)


EMC strictly complies with the rules that regulate its mining activities, respecting the regulators and people who work with the Company and assist in its progress. This respect is gained through transparency of its operations and successful completion of its commitments.

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